Objective: Provide students with food/snacks and school supply and resources during this time of crisis. As of now, our last scheduled weekly drop off is Monday, April 27.

Looking to volunteer with Hayes K-8 students?  We need for phone tutors to assist students with assignments that will help them pull up their grades for math and reading.  Commitment is one 30 minute session twice a week – one for math and one for reading.  Use the “Contact Us” page on the website to submit your information – notate Hayes tutor on your form.

Drop off date: 04.27.2020

School Supplies drop off between 10-11am

Hayes K-8
505 43rd Street North
Birmingham, AL 35212

Food drop off between 11am-12 noon:

St. James AME Church
4200 5th Court North
Birmingham, AL 35212

Food Items Needed:
Individual Mac-Cheese cups, Ramen Noodles, Chef Boy Ardee Meals
Fruit Cups, Jello, Fruit snacks, Apple Sauce, Oranges
Pop-tarts, Granola bar, Rice Krispy treats, Peanut butter crackers, Animal crackers

School Supplies Needed:
Paper/Notebooks, Pre-sharpened pencils, Pens, Coloring Books/Sheets
Crayons, Puzzles, Books


Little Hands serving at Hayes K-8